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Palette Rotation Demos

The software provided on this page is without warranty and provided "as is" for personal use. The user should use caution and run this software at their own risk. Resale or commerical use of these products is not permitted. The software on this page was written as practice and is provided here only as sample programs for those who may find them useful. While I will accept comments, bug reports and suggestions the software is considered legacy and is not under any on going development or support.

Demos using palette rotation.

Palette Rotation
Size 33 Kb
Year 1996
Language C
Operating System DOS
Simple Palette rotation demo. You can use the arrow keys to move the object around.

Size 28 Kb
Year 1996
Language C
Operating System DOS
Another 100% Palette rotation animation demo. There is no actual animation in this demo, it's all just Palette rotation.

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