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Assembly Programming

BASIC And Pascal

  • Dick Man's Turbo Pascal Page - I don't know what the main page is, just click on an .htm to root through the many pages (They aren't linked together as far as I can tell). Much information here, about Graphics, modems, etc.
  • FireStar - Qbasic Coding Group, hosts Compos.
  • SigmaPascal - Hudge Pascal Programming Site.
  • Quick Basic - A Large Quick Basic Page.
  • NeoZones - Quick Basic Page.
  • #Qbasic HomePage - #QBasic on EFNET's Homepage.


Graphics & Algorithms


  • Hi Tech Jobs - Job searches for computer programming and highly technical employment opportunities in contract, full-time, and permanent positions for professionals in Software Engineering or Data Processing.
  • Jobs For Programmers - The web's top employment site for programmers. Search for jobs in C++, Visual Basic, Java, Oracle, WWW, Cobol, even Telecommute! Thousands of resumes online.
  • DEVELOPERS.NET - Great jobs & career info exclusively for developers and programmers. A community of software developers and web developers: Unix, Web, DBMS, HTML, NT, and more. There are over 30,000 developer specific jobs in a searchable database. (All company names and contacts are on the job listings!) There is no cost to jobseekers and we are not headhunters.
  • Jobs4IT.com - Computer Jobs for Information Technology Professionals. Search jobs free and register to receive jobs via email free!
  • IT-Info - A Job Search Engine specifically for IT jobs. There are over 20,000 jobs for network, system & database analysts and administrators, IT administration folks, & MIS managers.
  • ContractConXXion! - This website is for the use of the General Public and our Guild Membership. We hope that you enjoy your visit and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We feature a public Jobs Board and employment resource links. We welcome all visits from Recruiters and hope that the Recruiters will post their requirements on the Jobs Board. This website caters to those in the Engineering, Technical, Computer, Programming, CADD/CAMM, Recruiting and any other Engineering/Technical fields. The Jobs Board is a free service and we do not charge the recruiting companies for job posts on the Jobs Board.
  • MonsterBoard - A large job search Sight. Post your resume, post job listings, etc.



Operating Systems

  • KDE - UNIX GUI Operating System.
  • Linux - LINUX Operating System.
  • DeskTop - MS-Windows Patches.
  • Linux MAN Pages - Linux Man Pages in HTML.
  • QZx - BRiX OS And #ASM Page. PCGPE in HTML here as well.
  • EROS - The Extremely Reliable Operating System. A new operating system being implemented at the University of Pennsylvania. The system merges some very old ideas in operating systems with some newer ideas about performance and resource management. The result is a small, secure, real-time operating system that provides orthogonal persistence.
  • IBM's VM/ESA OS - IBM S/390 family Operating System Home Page.
  • Pegasus II OS - Home Page for the PII OS.
  • BrainStorm Object eXecutive - The world's first Object-oriented Real-time Operating System for the most demanding modern challenges.
  • The Grasshopper Operating System - Operating System to support persistence and propose to design and construct a new operating system, known as Grasshopper, which has explicit support for persistent systems.
  • Server OS Technical Comparison - This web site sets out to answer a single question: On technical considerations only, how does Rhapsody stack up as a server operating system?
  • Rhapsody - Rhapsody is a UNIX-based operating system that includes capabilities from the NeXT and Macintosh operating systems. Rhapsody is made by Apple Computers and will run on Intel Pentium and Motorola/IBM PowerPC and will have a Run Time Library for Windows.
  • Operating System Developer's HomePage - Lists of many OSes and lots of Operating System Development resources. Very useful page.
  • BeGeek - BeOS developer's page & information maintained by BeOS developers.
  • BeOS for Intel x86 Compat - Page with lots of BeOS information & links.
  • Be, Inc - Makers of BeOS.
  • Microsoft Corp - Makers of Windows 95/98/NT & DOS.
  • BeOS Games - Your BeOS Gaming Resource.
  • Linux Programmer's Bounce Point - Lots of Programming information, even Assembly for Linux.
  • Scene Zone - Linux Information & News Page.
  • Well Known OSes on the Web. - Absolute LARGEST list of OSes I've seen on the web. Wait a few minutes for it to load. Listed in Alphabetical order in 2 sections, Non-Commerical and Commerical.
  • Sun Docs Online - Sun/solaris hardware online documentation site.
  • 4 Front Tech - Digital Audio System for Unix
  • BeOS Bible - The online BeOS Bible, this is a pay site.
  • Drivers - Get drivers for any Operating System.
  • L0pht Industries - Anti Sniffing Packages.
  • LM sensors Linux - Lm Sensor information.
  • Network Driver Interface Specification - Microsoft networking protocols (including TCP/IP) communicate with network card drivers using the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS).
  • Zophars Domain - Emulators for many OSes.

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